An online crypto casino which describes itself as "the most rewarding crypto casino" is offering more than 4,000 slots, roulette, blackjack and live casino games.

At the time of writting Rollbit supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and NFTs for depositing and withdrawing. You can purchase crypto using your card via third-party services like MoonPay and CoinBase. There is a crypto trading feature supported by 10 cryptocurrencies in which you can place your bet on 2 options - whether the price will go up or down in the next seconds. The minimum payout multiplier is 1x and the maximum is 500x. You can close the position manually or usе the automatic order and close your trade at certain price levels.

In addition Rollbit created a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs robots using Proof of Ownership based on the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC-721 standard, distributed across two presales - 2,000 Rollbots during the 14th of October and 7,000 during the 21st of October 2021.

The rest 1,000 will be used for giveaways. By holding Rollbits you become VIP which means that you own a portion of their business and earn a variety of lucrative rewards like early access to future features, eligibility for future airdrops and more.

Since September 2021 Rollbit launched its own betting game called "Rollboxes" with high - value NFT prizes in which everyone can win.

Basically Rollbit holders can create Rollboxes at a ratio 1:1. After the creation you can choose whether to put your own NFTs, maybe include other prizes such as cash and choose the win probability for your NFT. For example 1% of winning the NFT.

Depending on the value of its contents and the win probabilities for each item a price will be calculated to open the Rollbox.

The price includes 5% profit share between Rollbit casino and the creator of the Rollbox.

Betting Kongs

Being a Betting Kongs owner gives you voting rights to decide on important decisions with the casino and the money split.

Normally NFTs are seen as artworks and nothing more, recently there has been a surge of NFTs with more utility such as games, stories, and more. Bettingkongs is something even more exciting for the owners. The main idea is to bridge (potential) profit split to NFT holders.

Every Betting Kong receives 1 vote, meaning there are a total of 8,888 votes. Things that go up to the Council for a decision could be what game mode should be prioritized by the developers, what cryptocurrencies the casino should accept, what the earning split structure should look like etc.

The treasury is a pile of crypto ready to be paid out to big winners. Sometimes casinos will have people winning large amounts, they need to be prepared for this by pooling together some of the profit in case this were to happen.

The project will offer a (potential) profit split from the casino, but 50% of all (potential) NFT selling commissions will also be a part of the profit split for Betting Kongs owners. During the first month of the project being on OpenSea, half of the (potential) 50% of royalties going to the Kong owners will be set aside for marketing purposes of the casino. In addition, a minimum of 50% of the profit from the first month of the casino being operational will go to the marketing budget of the casino. After these 1 month periods, the Kong Council will be called in to decide what the split will look like.

In the future the plan is to have 7 unique NFT based game modes that do not exist anywhere else and possibility for the owners to receive a physical copy of their Kong.

Gambling Apes

The uniqueness of Gambling Apes allows the gamers to become co-owners of a casino in the Metaverse. Betters will not only enjoy their game, but also will share profits profits from the casino itself. The project consists of only 7,777 unique characters that combine authentic and rare art. Every one of them can be minted for 0,077 ETH in October 2021.

Sports betting using NFTs can be done in the following categories:

NFL NHL Soccer MMA and NBA !

As extras the betters will receive exclusive access to tips, patterns, tricks, and strategies. Additional advantages are related to Merchandise and Physical Collectibles showing their apes, two meet up parties in Las Vegas and Miami and many more…

As wise people have told in the past... “during a gold rush sell shovels”.

Here you literally “own the house, you are the house”.

What to look for in a good betting site:

Online reputation

It is always a good idea to check the reputation of a betting website before committing to depositing any amount of money to the platform. The easiest way to do that is by looking at different public forums for people’s opinions on specific betting sites or trusting different experts in the field to filter out the fishy ones and present only the best ones which are worth your time. We are committed to do exactly that since we’ve noticed a lot of false information regarding which betting sites in the NFT industry are considered good and which are just straight up garbage.

Fully licensed and regulated by Gambling Commissions

While it is true that we tend to prefer decentralized systems when it comes to Cryptocurrency or NFTs, a betting site having the proper licenses and being regulated by Gambling commissions are more or less mandatory. While it tends to centralize certain parts of these platforms, it does increase the legitimacy of the website and increase the safety of users’ money.

Red Flags

Always keep an eye out for red flags. As an example if you notice that a certain betting site doesn’t have an https certificate (the little lock right next to the URL has a line through it or a warning sign) we advise you to completely ignore the platform.

Another example, if a betting platform insists on you entering your wallet’s private key or mnemonic seed that is a clear red flag that you should exit the website immediately. No platform should ask you to type in that information.

Tips for NFT based betting sites:

1. Use a separate browser / address for betting sites

This is a crucial step for everyone thinking of trying out any crypto betting websites. Using a separate browser AND wallet explicitly for betting insures that you.

2. Withdrawal and Deposit limitations / amount

It is always a good idea to check out the betting limitations prior to depositing any amount of money. Some websites have a high minimal withdraw amount, some have high withdraw fees and some platforms even have a limit on how many times per week you can withdraw.

3. Bonus on sign-ups, conditions and loyalty promotions

The gambling industry and especially betting platforms tend to always have promotions and bonuses for new players or loyal clients since there are a lot of betting websites competing for a limited number of players. The more lucrative a specific brand or bonus looks the higher the chance new or experienced players will sign-up to that specific platform. Betting website owners know that and that’s why some of the promotions you’ll see on their website might seem too good to be true.

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